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feeding my addiction, so you can feed yours!

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A Freelance Graphic Designer with experience in Digital Scrapbook Design, Card & Stationery Printables, Blog & Website Artwork, Logo Design & Digital Artwork for Product Placement.

A self taught Digital Graphic Designer, I started in this field designing digital scrapbook kits to sell through a US website (  It rapidly became more than a hobby for me, venturing into designing commercial use tools for other designers, web design, logo design, marketing materials, designs for product placement and animated adverts (blinkies).

In the real world I am a 40+ year old wife and mum of two school age children.

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I like to read (a lot!) I am very creative, I'm not very good at housekeeping and some people say I'm a little bit kooky...but you'll like me I promise!


Take a look at the testimonials in my portfolio and see what other people have said about working with me!

I am an ideas person and I love to doodle and I get kinda cranky if I don't get my coffee!

I work hard at what I do and have a dog with a stick mentality so you'll often get more than you paid for!

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Who am I?

Penni Taylor