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Need a new website or new look for your old one? Look no further!



I can design a web background to suit your needs, design buttons to link with, a header to catch your clients eye, or just a logo?


If however you'd like me set up a whole new Moonfruit website, design it and populate it for you, then just contact me for further details. I currently work with where you can get a 15 page website for free!! or one with e-commerce facilities etc for around £8.99 pcm.


For this I charge a minimum fee of £50 and £12 per hour thereafter. It usually works out at approx £12 per page of your site so for instance a basic 7 page site including Home, About, Shop (4 page set up), Contact will cost you as little as £84.


Any design work such as Logo, wallpaper, artwork is charged seperately. e.g. Logo £50, Wallpaper £50 (unless you go with one of Moonfruits templates or a plain colour for which there is no charge).


Please ask for further details...