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Whether your need is for a corporate logo or for a character the basic fee will be the same at £50, this allows for several ammendments (although not indefinately) and covers approximately 4 hours work.


I will start by getting to know you, your needs, what you see your logo or character looking like. I will get as much information as possible before commencing work, therefore preventing wasted time. I will then make various suggestions and show you various samples and we'll take it from there.


If you would like to purchase any of my Off The Shelf Logo's check them out and simply use the form on the contact us page to let me know which one, after which I will let you know how to go about it. They are £30 each and any colour /font/txt can be inserted into the design at your request. Payment to be made by Paypal or BACS as usual.

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Off the Shelf Logo's