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My charges are as follows:


Min. fee of £50 then logo's are £50, wallpaper £50 (or free to install a plain colour or one from moonfruit library), any additional artwork charged at £12 per hour and websites charged at £12 per hour which usually works out as the same as £12 per page!


so for example Home/About/Contact would cost you £50 plus £50 for a logo and £50 for a wallpaper (this is for 4.5hrs work for each) if you require a shop function that is £48 because it is a 4 page set up process. I do not include population of shops in this fee, please ask for a further quote if you require me to populate your shop also.


If you have text/pics already that are ready to drop in I can add those too as part of the £12 per page but writing copy or finding stock photo's/paying for them is an extra charge.


I like to get to know you and what you require as best I can before starting the job so that we don't end up going round in circles and spending more time and money than is necessary. Make sure you know what you want with regards to colours/templates/theme's/artwork etc before we start on our journey together. I can help in this process by making suggestions so don't worry if you have no starting point! It's OK to use a moonfruit template but I can also start from scratch if you want.


I require payment up front by paypal or BACS, if you are having various things done eg logo, website, business pack you can pay in installments if thats better for you but always before that particular job starts. I'm afraid with the nature of the work (electronic downloads) I have been stung before by people taking the work and using it and not paying me for my work. There is a no refund policy for the same reason, but don't worry you only have to read the feedback in the portfolio of my website to see that I often give more than you've paid for and won't let my customers go away unhappy!


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!