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Affectionately Paws

Venturing out in to the business world is scary, and having consulted many different firms , it was a breath of fresh air and relief I found Penni , by sheer luck.. Being a bit of a perfectionist myself , I can be incredibly difficult to please, but can honestly say the standard of work Penni delivered was difficult not to like and my usuall perfectionist found difficulty finding fault with anything.


Not only have we found Penni to be very professional, her aptitude towards website design is incredible, she has designed a site for us that exceeds  our expectations in every single way and brought the uniqueness of our company to life in the pages of the site.


She has gone beyond what other companies deliver and definitely gone the extra mile to ensure our happiness. She intuitively delivered an amazing website keeping in continual contact throughout the whole process to the finished result; A website finished to unbelievably high standards.


It is without any hesitation that we recommend Penni as the only company found that delivers and exceeds exceptions, we can not thank her enough for the time and effort she put into our site.


Many thanks,


William and Emma

(Affectionately Paws)


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